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Friday, March 02, 2007

I heard it through the grapevine...

AGENCE [RYMOER] Bienvenue !
Prononcez rumeur!
Faites courir le bruit: le collectif NöBus (avec entre autres Arnaud, Benoît et David) serait à l'origine du projet RymoeR. Allez sur leur site pour écouter les derniers on-dit, découvrir la rumorologie et pour lancer votre propre rumeur. Vous allez voir c'est plutôt rigolo!

The rumor has it that the NöBus group, including Arnaud, Benoît and David among others, started the RymoeR project. On their site, you can hear the latest hearsays, learn about rumorology and even start your very own rumor. Go there, it's really fun! (the site's all in French but you should start rumors in Croatian, I'm sure it's gonna be even funnier that way)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ! Thanks for participate at the project by this way.. And we really wainting with curiosity croatians rumors !!!
-merci Clem )=)

11:05 PM  

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