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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Watching TV, us?

Never! In fact we don't have a TV. But here in the civilised world, there is a great invention: Netflix. For a monthly fee, you can rent DVDs that are sent to you by (snail)mail. When you register, you just make a list of the DVDs you want to watch on their site, and they send them to you, one by one, or two by two, etc... When you're done watching one, you just put it back in its enveloppe, drop it in the mailbox and when they receive it they send you the next one on your list. It's fast and it's great because they have all kinds of stuff: recent movies and series like Battlestar Galactica, but also foreign movies (even yougoslav ones), cartoons, really everything. And that's how we watch a lot of movies, without having to watch those stupid American advertisements! hurrah for Netflix!
Actually, the 1st season of Battlestar Galactica should arrive today... I can't wait to see that. I really like Apollo Adama, he is an interesting character really, complicated relationship with his father, also complicated relationship with his being in the military: I think he has "scoundrel potential" (even if he doesn't measure up to Han Solo) ... what do you think Boris?


Blogger Vucaroš said...

Ej, Clem,
nice to hear from you on stupid english, I feel so sad when I come here and I am not able to understand the franch posts from you. Please, when you come back, would you be so kind to give me some lessons?
About Battlestar Galactica, maybe I am old fashioned, but, I consider the rhythm annoying, characters stereotyped. Simply it doesn't cache me enough to accept and believe the story, something is messy there but I'm not sure what exactly. But Netflix sounds awesome! I would like to have it here at home!
Kisses and hugs!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous boro said...

Well, as i said, there are few people who like BG. :-) OK, I will not tell anything in advance not to spoil Clem's watching.
For me, Starbuck, the blonde pilot, character gets interesting in later episodes. We do learn something about her past, and so on. President (as always, the presidential characters do) has some potential with making such drama plot with civil/military conflict, but that's not enough well exploited in the series.
Well, catch you later with new episodes!

2:58 PM  

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